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Banyan Tree Residences

Manila Bay
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The First

Banyan Tree Residences

In The Philippines

Exemplary of the finer things in life, Banyan Tree Residences Manila Bay, is Manila’s first
Banyan Tree masterpiece. Lovingly crafted to inspire well-being and elegance, these
luxuriously-appointed units are paired with exclusive privileges to bring the inimitable
Banyan Tree brand experience to esteemed homeowners.

Nestled within towering skyscrapers, the residences count the Banyan Tree hotel & resorts as a prestigious companion in this integrated development which also offers residents the convenience of wining, dining and shopping amenities under one roof.

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Design Heritage

The Styles That BIND US

The tradition and prominence of weaving embedded in the culture of the Philippines provided the primary inspiration for an intertwined landscape that manifests in a lush oasis enveloped by tropical waters and rich ecology.

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Design Heritage

The Styles That BIND US

The botany of the site and region provides an elaborate palette of plant materials with which to replicate a lush urban retreat, and terraced layers of planting provide an intuitive continuity through the different zones. Interweaving designs similar to rattan or textile is intricately entwined with engineered wood to reflect the trademark nature aspect of Banyan Tree Residences Manila Bay. It is also symbolical of the close-knit relationship between people and the built environment, and how a harmonious blend of the two is akin to a delicate art form.


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Banyan Tree Brand Privileges

The Exclusive

Ownership Perks

Banyan Tree Residences ownership transcends beyond just property possession. It is an exclusive gateway to an unparalleled world of luxury destinations and experiences. Including access to more than 40 posh resorts and hotels, over 60 therapeutic spas, in excess of more than 70 exceptional retail galleries, and 3 lush golf courses.

For the ultimate peace of mind, a multilingual and well-trained team is on hand to assist with owner enquiries, accommodation reservations and requests. Banyan Tree will also provide top-tier rental services for owners who wish to generate a rental income.


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Make a Statement On Every Arrival

Arrival Plaza

Pulling up to your home while admiring wide-open skies and seas illuminated by
majestic sunsets, a sense of achievement takes over upon every arrival.